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Recipes and Demo

Sugar Free snow balls: 
To make one fifth bottle of sugar free snow ball syrup: 
* Put 2 1/2 measuring tablespoons Equal (add more Equal if needed to be sweeter) into fifth bottle.. 
* Fill bottle to base of neck with COLD TAP water. 
*Add 7/8 oz. of flavor concentrate. 
* Shake well until dissolved. 
* REFRIGERATE - has about a 2 week shelf life 

Chocolate snow balls:: 
Mix together in a blender: 
24 oz. of simple syrup 
16 oz. of chocolate syrup 
3 heaping tablespoons of powdered cocoa 
Pour into gallon jug and add 32 oz. of chocolate milk and shake well. 
REFRIGERATE. Makes about 2 quarts. This can be frozen and thawed for future use. 
Chocolate Lovers Delight 
Chocolate Soldier 
Brown Cow (Chocolate with cream) 
Please note: Due to cost of extra ingredients, a 35 to 50 cent charge should be added to the price of a chocolate snowball. 

Cold Cup recipe:: 
2 lbs. of sugar 
2 qts. hot water 
2 oz. extract 

Strawberry Daiquiris:: 
5 gallon container 
6 lbs. sugar 
8 oz. strawberry concentrate 
2 oz. fruit acid 
1/2 gal. alcohol (64 oz.) 
Fill remaining with crushed ice or water. 
Yields 64 10 oz. drinks = 1 oz. of alcohol per drink. 
Adjust if substance is too hard or soft. 

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