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Beginner Information 
Sno Ball Machine 
It's not too late!

You can earn twelve month's income in six month's time and make money in your town with this unique, high profit business for about a $2000 investment! You will be providing an easily affordable and high quality treat - a fluffy snow confection that comes in a kaleidoscope of exciting colors and 100 flavors that are the envy of ice cream parlors everywhere !

There's one good one left!

In 1934 Ernest Hansen invented the first patented, motorized ice shaver to produce New Orleans style sno-balls. Over 50 years of research and technology has gone into the development of the current model Southern Snow Machine. Instead of the chipped ice used in some sno-cones, the Southern Snow Machine shaves the ice into a fine fluffy perfection that rivals nature's own. The fluffy texture captures the rich flavors as well as your repeat customers.

For an investment of around $2000, 
you will receive:

Southern Snow Machine - the finest, state-ofthe- art, block ice shaver available. Quality flavors that make the difference between cornering a new market and sharing an old one. An expert support system guiding you to your success.

We've got everything you could possibly need...

  • Fifth Glass Bottles
  • Pourers
  • Speed Pourers
  • Night Caps
  • 1½ Gallon Round Syrup Dispensers
  • 2 Gallon Round Syrup Dispensers
  • 5 Gallon Round Syrup Dispensers
  • 10 Gallon Mixing Tanks
  • 20 Gallon Mixing Tanks
  • Mixing Paddles
  • Spigots
  • Syrup Pumps
  • Plastic Quart Bottles
  • Funnels
  • Jug Brushes
  • Bottle Brushes
  • Chlorine Rinse and Test Kits
  • Ice Picks
  • Measuring Beakers
  • Spoon Straws

These are just some of the many items that Special T Ice stocks to make starting your new business quick and easy.

Technology & How-To's:

Fruit Acid & Preservative

Fruit acid is used to increase the tartness of the fruit flavored snow ball syrups. A little fruit acid goes a long way! Fruit acid is added in increments of one-half to one ounce per gallon of snow ball syrup. Too much fruit acid can rob syrup of its flavor. Souther Snow flavor concentrates contains the required amount of fruit acid and additional fruit acid is not required.

Mix well one ounce (1 oz.) of benzoate soda to each gallon of simple syrup before flavor concentrate is added. Benzoate soda will extend the shelf life of snow ball syrup by retarding the growth of bacteria and mold. Another method of extending shelf life of syrups is by shaking the syrup dispensers daily. Whether the syrup had preservatives or not, this method will disrupt bacteria and mold growth.

This preservative contains potassium sorbate as well as benzoate soda. The potassium sorbate will retard mold growth in a broader range of flavors including less tart flavors such as banana, spearmint, and bubble gum. The directions for use are the same as those for benzoate soda - 1 oz. per gallon of simple syrup.

To make one gallon of simple syrup:

What is simple syrup? 
Simple syrup is sugar dissolved in water. The hotter the water, the easier it is to dissolve the sugar.

How can I make simple syrup? 
Add 5 lbs. of sugar to 1/2 gallon of hot water. 
Add 1 oz. of preservative or benzoate soda. 
Dissolve thoroughly. 
Allow to cool completely. 
Please note: Gallon will not be full to the top.

Snow ball syrup: 
How do I make snow ball syrup? 
* Add 4 fluid ounces of flavor concentrate (extract) per gallon of simple syrup 
* Add 1 fluid ounce of flavor concentrate (extract) per quart of simple syrup 
* Add 1/2 fluid ounce of flavor concentrate (extract) per pint of simple syrup

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