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Jason and Theresa Guidry opened Special Treat Drive Inn for business in 1978. Jason owned and operated a shoe repair business while Theresa operated Special Treat. At that time, we had a 21 block machine to provide blocks for use in our snowball machine. In 1979, Jason started selling the excess blocks to local snowball stands. A short time after, a 400 lb. cube machine was purchased and bag ice was sold to local convenient stores. In 1984, the ice company branched off from Special Treat and was then called Special T Ice Company, Inc.

Special T Ice Company, Inc. operated completely with family members until 1989. As the business expanded, employees were hired to match its growth. 2010 marked major changes for the company.

After 30 years, Theresa closed Special Treat with the intent to sell the business and retire. Instead, she semi retired and passes on her expertise at making snowballs in the free classes she gives at our facility. Yes, it is truly free and always has been. Jason and Theresa have the mindset that if the customer isn’t successful in making snowballs, then Special T Ice will not be successful.

Another major change made in 2010, is that we moved into a new 16,000 square foot facility. With a state of the art Reverse Osmosis water purification system and a new Vogt Tube Ice maker, Special T Ice Company is now capable of producing 40 tons of bottle water quality tube ice and 1,000-13 pound blocks of ice per day. Special T Ice Company distributes ice and supplies throughout the Acadiana area.

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